It is torture enough to experience the lows of being wrongly sent to prison twice, but to be endlessly haunted by distortions and outright lies in the media is the epitome of cruel and unusual punishment — below are the true facts.  

In the late 1980's a case involved a TV news anchor who was supposedly being extorted, but right in the middle of the trial there was a special hearing which uncovered false reporting by a biased news media, and this is intended to bring some facts to the attention of anyone who might be interested in the truth - correcting just a few of the many lies.

A dishonorable judge, who was quoted in media stories about Gil Cabot, was not the judge presiding over the actual trials, and exercised an abuse of power in a probation hearing. He was removed from the bench a few years later.
Gil Cabot never "offered to arrange for the destruction of (anything) for $30,000." A third party had a video and said he was pulling still pictures from it, and it was that person who wanted money. As proven in court, Mr. Cabot made the payment out of his own pocket.
CHARM charity events continue to operate, passing intense investigations, and the car Gil Cabot's mother was driving was proven to be legally purchased by him as a gift.
Tapes of alleged telephone conversations with Gil Cabot were concocted by editing different calls together, to defraud the court and the jury with false impressions of an extortion. Authorities refused to produce any original tapes.

Gil Cabot never "posed as Tawny Little's husband" and never "used Jaclyn Smith's name" for anything. There was a brief and friendly casual acquaintance with Ms. Little, even socializing with her parents, and he had limited business inquiries with Ms. Smith. Mr. Cabot donated marketing services to charities supported by Ms.Smith, and conducted himself as he was instructed and supervised by the events programmers.

Controllers of Katarina Witt withheld the details of the agreement with Gil Cabot. East Germany was not a free country at that time, and even Olympic athletes were directed to simply follow orders. Mr. Cabot's exclusive rights to Ms. Witt for television and films were documented.
A quote attributed to Gil Cabot having to "lie and manipulate" was taken out of context, and was never said by Mr.Cabot when describing the weeks of efforts to locate the video and related negotiations for it.
Gil Cabot never said he was a producer with "Magnum PI". Mr. Cabot said he and a production partner were in Hawaii doing an episode of that television series.

Gil Cabot did not work "at selling real-life stories to television" which is why there was "no success" on that level. Mr.Cabot administrated a company that specialized in buying (not selling) true story properties, and having great success packaging licensing agreements worldwide.

The news anchor who was supposedly the victim was caught lying under oath and on the stand, claiming a voice on an answering machine was Gil Cabot, when it was revealed to be a friend of her family. She shamefully used the national attention from biased media coverage to shop for a better job, leaving the only "victim" being Mr.Cabot, who was wrongly sent to prison.